The Digital Story: New Tools for the Creative Mind

While browsing the web I come across a lot of great resources, and one that I have found myself coming back to on a fairly regular basis is The Digital Story by Derrick Story. It’s a nice site in general, but I particularly enjoy the weekly half-hour podcasts.

As a former press photographer, he is a bit of a old hand but at the same time has a tenacious grasp of all the modern technologies associated with today’s photography workflow. I really like the mixture of sage advice and appreciation of current trends. He describes himself first and foremost as a teacher, and not a photographer, which I think is an interesting perspective.

I also think a part of me likes the idea of a completely non-visual source of photography information. Text, images and video are great, but it makes a nice change once in a while to find somewhere comfortable, disengage the eyes and soak in some spoken information.

Just don’t get too comfortable and fall asleep!


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