Macro Photography: First attempt with Kenko Extension Tubes

photograph with kenko extension tubes and canon 50mm 1.8

My new iPhone wallpaper.

I took delivery on some Kenko tubes this morning and I was really excited to try them out. I love looking at macro shots, and I also like to add some abstraction to my own photographs so it’s surprising I’ve waited this long to get some dedicated macro gear. I did think about a dedicated macro lens, but the Kenko tubes have such good reviews I didn’t really see the point in spending more than I needed to.

So anyway, I spent about an hour having a play and got some nice shots. I thought I would post one that I was particularly pleased with. I was a bit slow and should have taken a photograph of the setup but basically the camera was pointing face down into a wine glass which was half-filled with tap water. I then popped in 1/4 of an effervescent tablet to create some bubbles. I also had a 430EX II flash on a light stand with a yellow gel pointing side-on to the glass at full power.

The rest was simply trial and error and a bit of luck!


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