The iPhone 100

Contrived mug shot

You don’t have to look very far before you find someone in the midst of a photo challenge – Project 52, a picture a day, 10 photos within 10 feet etc. but I can’t decided whether I like the idea or not. Yes, it’s great to work towards a goal and anything that gets you taking photos is (mostly) a good thing, but often I read snippets like “oh I got in late from work, it’s 11:30pm so here is my photo of the day…” and you get a mug of hot chocolate shot at f/1.4 with some out of focus stripy bed socks…

Now, I don’t have much room to talk. I’ve lost count of the amount of beer cans and bottle tops I’ve taken photos of. We’ve all done it, and I’ve no doubt I’ll do it again. The issue I have is setting myself a photo challenge with some arbitrary quota that is going to encourage me to take more pictures of crap. So, after about 20 minutes thought and a cappuccino, here are the rules for my photo side-project:

  1. Photo must be taken on my iPhone
  2. Image processing must be done on the same handset

I will of course run these through Lightroom to spit out friendly file sizes to upload here, but all processing will be done on the phone – probably within Adobe Photoshop Express unless I can find something better. No time limits, no theme, no pressure. If something catches my eye and I have my phone with me, I may take a picture. I just as easily may not. The point isn’t to create 100 great photographs. I may go much further in processing than I usually would and not everything is going to be to my taste. The point is experimentation. If it only takes 100 photographs to learn a little bit more about my own style then it’s time well spent.

I shall be posting picture #1 of 100 soon…



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2 responses to “The iPhone 100

  1. Nice geometric elements :)…. how do you like this photograph of mine:

  2. Very nice! I’m a Henri Cartier-Bresson fan too, particularly his use of line and shapes. I try to copy him whenever I can!

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