Water droplets

water droplet macro photography

Some more macro photography shots. Still getting all the tried and tested ideas out of my system. I was inspired by h2obyjoanna’s drop on a cd post to give water droplets on the surface of a CD/DVD a go so here are the picks of my attempt. I’ve increased the resolution a bit as well so they might take a fraction longer to load but they’ll show better as a result.

One thing’s for sure; I’m not going to be short on wallpapers for a while!



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6 responses to “Water droplets

  1. thank you for liking my idea enough to give it a try yourself… you did a great job! I don’t have a macro-lens yet, but wait till I get my hands on one… lol!
    thanks for giving me the credits as well, appreciate it!

  2. No worries, you really did inspire me to have a go! I use Kenko Extension Tubes which are a good (and cheaper) alternative to a true macro lens, but I’ve found you really need a flash to get the best out of them.

  3. Hey..thanks so much for the like on my blog…great to see you there..
    Just read you raw file editing blog from a few days ago…Very good stuff..

  4. Thanks Stuart! I have another one scheduled for Monday and it’s a great file, I really liked editing it and I was pleased with the final image. The model isn’t quite as attractive though… you’ll see what I mean if you check back tomorrow! 😉

  5. Beautiful photos. I really like the first one…beautiful colors…!

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