iPhone 100: #1

iphone 4 image

My first post of the iPhone 100 project. I actually took this a while ago, but hey, it meets the criteria! I took this photo just before I got into the car after leaving work one evening. For many weeks of the year I’m treated to beautiful skies while I’m driving, only to be frustrated at not being able to photograph them!

What I like about this shot is, of course, the colours. Cameras seldom record the vividness of what you see with the eye so I tweaked it a little (on the phone of course) and this is very close to how the sky actually appeared. Composition is ok, although a bit cluttered on the right hand side. If I shot this again I would perhaps try a vertical composition to see if that helped.

So that’s it, the ball is rolling! Only 99 more to go.

Thanks for looking!



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4 responses to “iPhone 100: #1

  1. I use my iphone 4s camera for everything these days. gorgeous photos and so easy to sync with my computer!
    Great pic!

  2. Hi Elisa! Yes I’ve heard the iPhone4S camera is really good – unfortunately I have to “suffer” with the “old” iPhone4. The thing I really miss is some form of image stabilization which I believe the 4S has actually got. No upgrades for me for a while yet though!

  3. Yes, I can always use help with stabilization!! Upgrades are frustrating, as soon as I upgraded to the 4s, they announced the soon to be released 5. Thanks for commenting!

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