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street photography manchester

I’m no street photographer. I find it uncomfortable pointing a big camera at people in public and I’m not sure I’ll ever get over that. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take half decent street photos, and this is one I thought I’d share.

I took this shot over the weekend. I was actually photographing a street parade – a loud, hustle and bustling festival atmosphere with people lining the streets and jostling for a better view. I always try to tell myself “take the shot nobody else takes” which usually sees me crouching down low or standing high in a position you really ought not to be while holding £1000+ worth of gear. And don’t get me wrong – I did plenty of that – but for this photo all that was required was for me to turn around.

I admit, most of the contrast in this image is in my own head. The party going on behind me and the emptiness of the side street is not something you could ever infer from the photograph. However, I still think it stands on its own as an image. I’m a sucker for lines and textures, light and shadows and this has a bit of everything. I’ve also broken one of the major compositional rules by not placing the subject at any of the “intersecting points”.

Out of all the days photographs, this is the only image that had just a single person in it. And I think it’s the pick of the bunch.

Quite how I managed to come back from a parade with an image of solitude however, I’m still not sure.



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9 responses to “Street Photo

  1. I much prefer this to your parade pictures. It has a quality they lack entirely. Or maybe that is because I don’t like kitsch parades very much!

  2. Well it was same photographer, same time, same event, same camera, same lens so I’m guessing that only leaves the subject matter that doesnt do anything for you!

    I agree though – the parade pictures are what they are. I take opportunities like that to run around a bit and practice changing settings on the fly… its more difficult than it looks but I’m improving.

    This was the only photo out of the set I have considered printing, I’m just not sure whether to go colour or black and white!

  3. I do like your image and your quote “take the shot nobody else takes”.

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  5. The Jagged Man

    I liked your quote “take the shot nobody else takes” as well but maybe this is your bent on mine and many others philosophy: Shoot what you love.
    I love this picture, thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks!

    I’m sure you’ve probably seen that I ended up making a print of this shot:

    It looks pretty great in the frame, that picture doesn’t quite do it justice.

    The “take the shot nobody else takes” quote I coined from somebody else, I think it might have been Scott Kelby, but I’ve seen it repeated many times! I might do a post on what that means to me soon, because a couple of people have commented on it now with slightly different interpretations.

  7. Very nice picture. The man in the corner changes everything about the picture for me..

  8. Thanks! Yes, without the man in the photo the lines lead nowhere and there is nothing to “find”. I saw him walking rather briskly down the side street and the picture in my mind was him in the road, fortunately I took the picture anyway (this was a single shot) and got him before he went through the door

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