Spring has Sprung..?

Here are the obligatory “signs of spring” pictures from around the garden. We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather over the last few days and it’s felt more like the beginning of summer than a typical March. Although, unlike our summers, we’ve not had to endure stifling heat during the night time hours.

That said, the forecast is set to get a bit chilly towards the end of next week but for now we have a few glimpses of what’s to come.

All taken with the Canon 5D and 50mm f/1.4 with an extension tube fitted… I can’t remember which one!



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4 responses to “Spring has Sprung..?

  1. Beautiful photos, great dof. I love the leaf with the hole in it because it’s so perfect in its imperfection.

  2. Hi Judee. Yes I like this one too, I’m using it as my iPad wallpaper at the moment – it looks great! The DOF is ridiculously shallow when you start adding extension tubes, I’m surprised many of these have turned out to be honest!

  3. Alessandra Migliorini Photography

    Very beautiful photos. I loved the last one.. the colors are beautiful.
    Which extension? For what? To become a macro?

  4. Hi Alessandra – I use Kenko extension tubes, and yes, they let you focus a lot closer than you would be able to normally and let you get macro shots. I think I will make a post about the extension tubes and explain how they work, so check back soon!

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