You’ve Been Framed…

street photo framed

The finished photograph.

Quite literally. The feedback from my Street Photo was very positive from most people so I decided to go ahead and make a print. Sometimes, by the time the print arrives, I often convince myself that it’s not that great after all and I have a lot of samples still in their wrappers stuck in the drawer.

This one however escaped the drawer and made it onto the wall. I had four prints done – two in colour, two in black and white, one of each printed on matte paper and Fuji Pearl paper. If you’ve never seen that Fuji Pearl paper with your own eyes it’s almost surreal to look at but highly reflective.

I ended up going with the matte black and white option because the front of the frame was reflective enough. It’s trial and error sometimes but the extra prints were only a couple of quid and it gives you some options.

street photo colour

The never-before-seen colour edit...

So there you have it – what I call finished photograph. I see all the images on my hard drive as being in some sort of photographic purgatory – waiting to be condemned to the trash or, if they are lucky, released into the Internet wilderness. A rare few will transcend their digital form and make it back to the reality from which they were captured.

Not bad for what was essentially a reaction shot. I might do a “RAW Edit” post about this file in which you’ll see it was far from perfect out of the camera…


As per request I’m adding the links to the companies I ordered the print and frame from:





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6 responses to “You’ve Been Framed…

  1. Please do the raw edit post, I’d love to see the change from the original.

  2. I will definitely do it soon, I’ve made a draft post to remind myself. 🙂

  3. The photo looks great. I’ve often thought about getting some printed. Could I ask where you had it done?

  4. Of course. For the print I used DS Colour Labs. Their website isn’t as slick as some of the larger businesses, but their prints are spot on and they run like clockwork whenever I’ve ordered from them. You get regular emails about the status of your order and they are sent out quickly. I don’t use any other lab now.

    The frame was from This was the first time I used them and I can’t really fault the service or product. It took a little over a week to arrive, but they were up front about the turn around time. It was very well packaged and I was really pleased with it.

    I’ll update the post with links to their websites. Hope that helps. 😉

  5. That’s great thanks. I’ll be sure to give them a try – that Pearl paper sounds particularly interesting and definitely something I want to see for myself

  6. It is definitely worth a try, although it suits some photographs a lot more than others. It’s biggest downside is it is highly reflective so you have to take this into consideration. You can see some reflections on my photo and that’s from the frame alone – the print is on matte paper.

    If you have any close up/macro shots of flowers I find these a good sample for trying out the Pearl paper. The colours are really vivid and the in-focus parts almost leap off the page. Get a black and white sample too.

    Let me know how you get on!

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