Wet Weather

Today is my day off and it started quite abruptly with a text message at 0654 this morning. I let her off because it was important, but now I was awake earlier than I would be on a normal working day.

Then I heard a crashing sound outside followed by a crescendo of tinkling on tarmac. I opened my curtains to discover that the rain and sleet had decided that, today, it would fall horizontally and not vertically. Then I noticed our recycling collection bin had lost its fight with the wind and was now vomiting glass bottles into the road.

So by 0715 not only was I very awake I was also very dressed.

Then I noticed my new Billingham camera bag and remembered I planned on writing a review about it. I don’t know whether my brain was still foggy from sleep or because I was annoyed I was awake a lot sooner than I expected but it seemed to be a good idea at the time to find out just how waterproof this new bag really is. So I grabbed my biggest coat, my hat and my gloves and took it for a spin.

Not ten days ago I was sat in the garden eating an ice cream. We’ve gone from summer to winter in the space of a week. British weather is notoriously changeable, but it’s never usually this extreme.

I’m pleased to say the bag passed its first major test. I even took some video footage for a change of the weather which will go into the review just to round it out a bit. I’ve edited it already and included it below. I’ve not started the review post yet so it’s completely out of context at the moment.

I was taking a bit of a risk with the equipment. The lens is weather sealed but the body (Canon 500D) certainly isn’t. The consumer bodies are a lot tougher than you might give them credit for, but that’s no reason to try and find their limits for yourself. Idiots like me will push it at times but generally I do take good care of my gear.

Anyway, I’ve had two cups of tea, a cup of instant coffee, a cappuccino and a mug of tomato soup to warm me up so I’m a bit giddy now. I hope the weather is a little warmer where you are!

Update: Ok, YouTube moved the goal posts on me regarding embedding the video because it contains a 45 second music clip – how annoying. It worked fine before! You live and learn but it’s a good job I checked back. 



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2 responses to “Wet Weather

  1. Your weather sounds like ours. Woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Very pretty, but better suited for December of January.

  2. With being an island we are used to the weather being changeable, but I’ve never known it see-saw quite as much as it has done recently. At least not in my lifetime!

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