iPhone Photography: I Give Up

iphone photography

I don't like it.

My iPhone 100 project has been hanging around like a bad smell and annoying the bejeezus out of me. So I’ve decided I’m bowing out with a whimper…

It really just doesn’t suit me. I thought it would, but I was wrong. The lens is too wide, it doesn’t focus closely enough, it’s slow and I just don’t enjoy taking pictures with it. I’m quitting.

If you want iPhone photography, follow this guy. He’s miles better than I am.



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13 responses to “iPhone Photography: I Give Up

  1. Thats too bad that you’re walking away from it. Its certainly challenging at times, even for me. I appreciate the mention 🙂

  2. No problem. I kept seeing your photos in the feed and just thought to myself other people seem to be enjoying this a lot more than I am! It’s not to say I will never use the iPhone camera ever again… just not against some arbitrary challenge I set myself!

  3. I feel you. I don’t think those challenges are for everyone. I failed a 365 challenge 2 years ago and learned that you can’t force creativity.

  4. Part of the frustration was not being able to bridge the gap between the photo I wanted to take and the capability of the iPhone. Maybe I’m not flexible enough to conform to the restraints!

  5. The Jagged Man

    I have found the photos taken and posted by my iPhone using and card carrying friends are nice but ….
    I really cannot tell you what it is about them that does NOT sing to me but they just do not. Some of the ones have seen on the web are really nice though and not matter the tool a good photo is a good photo!
    Good hunting your next shoot!

  6. Thanks Jagged Man. The thing with small sensor cameras is that almost everything is in focus. They also struggle in low light. On top of that, on a lot of mobile phone cameras the “zoom” is actually a purely digital zoom and so you’re losing pixels and exaggerating noise and any imperfections in the lens. I think a lot of these factors contribute to a camera phone “look”.

    That said, you can take absolutely fantastic photographs with very modest equipment. I spent many years shooting with a small Olympus point and shoot and I still use a Panasonic LX5.

  7. I hear ya! My 366 project is going well but I have given myself enough flexibility i.e. i am not posting the images every day – hence I am 2 months behind in posting but the photo taking continues and the blogging is secondary – is done in my time, under my terms and does not take the joy from the capture xx

  8. I tried to factor in some flexibility but even so it just wasn’t happening! More than a few times I found myself thinking “I need to find something to photograph with the phone”. I don’t think photography should be like that. For me, I need to feel a sense of anticipation before I enjoy the process of taking photographs. As soon as I felt like I was trying to fulfil a quota I knew it wasn’t going to last. Maybe I’m a quitter, but I think there is value in knowing when to quit!

  9. I find that the iphone camera software that is native to the iphone is vastly inferior to the camera plus pro software that allows a lot more flexibility, MJ

  10. I also miss the lack of any kind of image stabilisation on my phone. I believe that’s a feature of the 4S though.

  11. Max Reynolds

    Great post. Because I enjoy and admire your blog so much, I have nominated you for the ABC Award;. http://maxreynolds.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/nominated-for-the-abc-award/ Please do not feel any pressure to accept the award, I understand if you don’t wish to participate. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. -Max-

  12. Hi Max! I decided not long after I started the blog that I wouldn’t participate in any of the circular blogger awards. That said, I do genuinely appreciate the recommendation so thank you very much and have a great day yourself 🙂

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