Something different…

sports bike track day

Track Day

Those of you familiar with my posts perhaps might have noticed I like nature, landscapes, macro photography etc. The truth is I will try my hand at almost anything. I spent a full day on the track yesterday and I’m currently bogged down sorting through the hundreds of files. I just thought I’d take a break and post one that came out quite well!



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6 responses to “Something different…

  1. Perfect action shot! I can feel the speed!! 🙂

  2. Ironically, the slower riders were easier to track and therefore blur the background!

  3. That’s actually really interesting. I never really thought about it that way.

  4. The autofocus on my 5D isn’t really made for fast action, so when you’re panning from left to right the slower riders are easier to keep my focus points over(!)

  5. diannaleigh

    I love this photo! 🙂 I ride a sportbike and am also into photography! 🙂 I have two blogs, and

    I would like to say, your photos are simply amazing! 🙂 I have photographed riders before and it is insane!

  6. @diannaleigh thanks!

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