Shoot, Skywalker!


It’s not often I post links, but I just had to share this one.

Skywalking basically involves a photographer making his way up to a death-defying height, and snapping a photo that’s meant to give you both a perspective you’ve never seen before, and that feeling like your stomach just made its way into your throat.

You can find the original article (or at least where I found it) here:

Skywalking: A Dangerous New Photo Fad Popular Among Russian Teens

And you thought running with scissors was dangerous.

Yikes. Would you go that far to get the shot?



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5 responses to “Shoot, Skywalker!

  1. Man . . . I’m not afraid of heights, but that is just plain nuts . . . oh . . . that’s right; teenagers. They think they will live forever.

    I won’t reblog, but I will post the link and give you credit. Thanks.

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  3. At least it makes for a better picture than Planking did! 🙂

  4. @TSC me either!

    @disperser yes, I think nuts is quite an accurate description of their mentality! Link, reblog, whichever is easier for you. Go nuts 😉

    @Tiffany I quite agree although I have chuckled at a few planking photos I must admit!

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