Adobe Lightroom: RAW Edit 73 (FroKnowsPhoto)

raw edit

RAW file 73

It’s that time again and this weeks RAW file is taken from inside some kind of amusement arcade. It’s quite a vivid file straight from the camera, but let’s see if we can wring out something a bit more striking.



The histogram is largely fine. It’s maybe a bit under exposed but as I said above, the image is quite good out of the camera and I don’t think I’ll be making any major alterations to it.

The two white triangles in either corner indicate that parts of the photograph have turned pure black (left hand side) or pure white (right hand side). You usually want to avoid these warning triangles but it’s important to heed them in the context of the image. In this example, the pure black parts are at the very bottom edge of the picture which is in shadow and the pure white parts are the overhead strip lighting. It is completely pointless trying to squeeze these two extremes into your image so this is a good example of when to ignore them.

ISO 400, 17mm, f/4.0, 1/100 sec are all quite reasonable settings for this capture.

raw 73 basic panel

Basic panel adjustments.

I decided to go contrast crazy with this edit, starting with white balance. I wanted the “Skee Ball” sign to stand out and since it is a warm colour I lowered the overall colour temperature of the image. I also made harsh adjustments to the contrast sliders, took clarity to the maximum and saturation to minimum. I will boost individual colours next.

raw 73 hsl

HSL panel adjustments.

In the HSL panel (HSL stands for Hue, Saturation and Luminance by the way) we can target the saturation of individual colours. Here I increased the saturation of the red, yellow and green channels.

raw 73 profile correction

Lens corrections.

As we discussed in last week’s RAW edit, photographing straight lines can exaggerate distortions in the lens. It isn’t particularly bad in this picture, but if you can improve the appearance just by placing a tick in a check box I don’t really see a good reason not to.

My final two tweaks were to crop the image to place more emphasis on the repeating patterns and to add a very slight vignette of -7.

Job done.

raw editing

The finished edit.

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4 responses to “Adobe Lightroom: RAW Edit 73 (FroKnowsPhoto)

  1. I can’t get many people to leave ratings. I considered removing the “like” option to force people to rate the posts, but I don’t know that it would make any difference.

    I think it has something to do with having to actual rate something versus just saying “nice, I like”. And the rating is something that requires more thinking since one has to do a comparative analysis with other posts.

    There is also a problem at the author’s end because there is no context . . . one might have the greatest post ever about apples, but if someone hates apples, they are not going to be impressed with the post.

    . . . and no, I don’t have an answer for how it might work . . .

  2. It was quite easy to follow these steps. I might hav elearned something…. 😉

  3. @bentehaarstad – thanks! Yes, it was a relatively straightforward one this week.

    @disperser – completely agree, which is why I’m just going to see how it turns out. Of course it will be completely skewed towards new content also.

  4. Great instructional, thanks mj

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