Microsoft’s SkyDrive recognises RAW files

skydrive raw files

Preview of a .CR2 Canon RAW file

I’ve been playing around with SkyDrive and Google Drive for the last few days trying to figure out if either are worth the investment as online backup options. It’s all well and good comparing spec sheets and prices, but the proof is in the pudding – you just have to get stuck in and try them out for real.

So tonight I started uploading a batch to my newly created SkyDrive. The SkyDrive app is very nice and integrates itself well into Windows Explorer (although to be fair, so it should, considering it’s all Microsoft software) and I’d created a simple folder structure and left it squirreling away.

I decided to check on the progress a couple of minutes later, this time with the web browser view, and to my complete surprise I noticed thumbnails appearing in the folder view. Thinking I’d made a mistake and copied the JPEG files into my SkyDrive folder I doubled checked to see what was going on and no, there was no mistake, it was indeed recognising the Canon RAW files.

Now, don’t be confused into thinking this is some groundbreaking feature – it isn’t – but considering some of the lack of functionality of SkyDrive regarding file formats I was genuinely surprised by this. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing, and that’s why I’m posting about it. Maybe you’re in a similar position to me, and it’s useful to know that if you were thinking of backing up your RAW files to the cloud then you may not have to put up with browsing through generic icons as you might have expected.


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