Fleeting Foray into Film

kodak ultramax

35mm, ISO 400

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I had in my possession an old film camera. Although, I don’t consider it that old. It’s circa 1999-2002 which doesn’t seem at all long ago, but I suppose when you think about it it’s well over a decade. Turn of the century technology. Crikey. 

So you might be thinking, where has this camera come from? Well, I’m shooting a wedding anniversary for a friend this weekend and a couple of weeks ago we were talking about photography etc. It turns out that her late father was a keen amateur photographer and would always be buzzing around family events, much like this weekend, with his camera happily snapping away. They’d bought him a digital camera one year but he always favoured his 35mm film. She also mentioned that after he died the camera had been stashed in a cupboard and hadn’t seen the light of day since.

And then I thought to myself – wouldn’t it be cool if we dusted off this camera for the wedding anniversary and shot a roll of film, for old times’ sake?

She thought it was a nice idea too, so a couple of days later a nice little camera bag appeared on my desk with the camera, two lenses, two light meters and a roll of expired film. By sheer coincidence it happened to be a Canon with an EF mount, so not only was I instantly familiar with the camera my lenses and even my flash worked with it too!

Over the past week I’ve used up the expired roll and had them developed. I did this for testing purposes since I have absolutely no experience with film. They’ve turned out well, although I must admit I am slightly confused about a couple of photos I took with my flash. I went into autopilot and set my manual shutter speed to 1/200 not realizing the sync speed of this particular camera is 1/90. I really expected these particular shots to turn out badly exposed, but they were fine. A bit of a head-scratcher for me there – maybe I’m missing something obvious.

So that’s the story behind the film. I’ll let you know how it goes…



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8 responses to “Fleeting Foray into Film

  1. looking forward to seeing pictures!

  2. I’ve just bought a eos650 with an ef mount from the late 80’s for peanuts and am thoroughly enjoying experimenting with it.

  3. Thanks Jade, although it might be a while before I get any scans up! 🙂

    Mr Bunny Chow – sounds good. I’ve been tempted by a few older cameras that, as you say, look the part and cost next to nothing. The only problem for me is the on-going cost. 24 exposures cost £6 to process, and the roll itself was £6 which works out at 50p per exposure. Ouch!

  4. my camera cost £13 including p&p and I bought 12 rolls of mixed fuji film from a large boots for £12 they include boots no doubt terrible machine developing for the price. not bad for experimenting and a whole lot less than 50p a print

  5. Congratulations with your first shot with film. Film has a different touch of quality than digital – not better or worse, just different. For me the Canon T-90 from the film-era is actually one of the most exciting cameras ever produced, but of course much less advanced than today’s cameras.

  6. I’ll keep an eye out for those mixed bags, they seem a real bargain.

  7. The Jagged Man

    I started my re-enter into film with my Brides Minolta X-370. Before that I used a Canon Sure Shot my parents gave me in …. well never mind.
    Mixed results so far but the ones I get it right on have a motivating force behind them to keep me shooting with film.

  8. It’s certainly a different experience, but I definitely miss the instant feedback. It makes you appreciate how much digital cameras have lowered the bar when it comes to experimentation!

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