Adobe Lightroom: RAW Edit 76 (FroKnowsPhoto)

D800 DNG sample

RAW file 76. Well, actually, it’s a DNG file again.

This week’s file is from a D800 – the 36 monsterpixel camera from Nikon. The file is 4912×7360 pixels and weighs in at a whopping 29.6MB. Yikes. I twiddle my thumbs waiting for my measly 12 megapixel files to import so I can’t imagine what waiting for this thing must be like. I suppose good things come to those who wait though… I mean, who needs to bother carrying a zoom lens any more when you can just crop to infinity?

histogram 76


I’d usually grimace at this sort of histogram, but to be honest the photographer has got it right “in camera” – at least for the shot he or she had in mind. Just out of interest I raised the exposure about 4 stops just to see if I could get any noise out of the shadow areas. No chance. I know it’s shot at ISO 100 but my word that sensor performs amazingly.

Anyway, enough about cameras and sensors I can’t afford. Let’s get on with the edit. The first thing I notice is that it’s a bit drab and a kind of flat. It needs some contrast and that background needs to be black and not some dark grey-ish colour.

basic adjustments

Basic adjustment panel

I wasn’t quite sure about the new basic panel in Lightroom 4 but over time I’ve come to like it. I hardly ever mess with the curves any more because I find I can do most of what I need by adjusting the highlights, shadows, white and blacks sliders. Since we want more contrast, we’ll make our whites whiter (+85) and our blacks blacker (-46). I’ll leave the clarity slider alone because I don’t want to exaggerate the texture of her skin. The final adjustment in the basic panel is boosting the vibrance because this shot has a surreal quality to it and I wanted the colours to “pop” as they say.

Oh, and I just warmed it up a touch by taking the colour temperature from 4800 to 5000.

And that’s all for this edit! I know it’s super-contrasty, but for some reason I envisioned this picture on the page of a magazine competing with a bold headline and text. I’m not sure why.

nikon d800 dng edit

The finished edit.



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2 responses to “Adobe Lightroom: RAW Edit 76 (FroKnowsPhoto)

  1. Nice! I can totally see that as the cover of a magazine. 🙂

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