Getting Closer

leaf close up

Macro photography

I’m quite sure I’ve mentioned this before and in the future I plan to make quite a detailed post about it, but if you’ve never tried macro photography, you really should.

And it’s not as if it’s an expensive proposition. I recently had to value my equipment for my insurance company and my Kenko extension tubes – the little gadgets that make all my macro shots possible – didn’t even make the list. They just got lumped in with the sub-£100 items. They are, without doubt, the best value addition to my photography gear. I spent more on my polarizing filter I hardly ever use!

So if you’re just getting into photography and are wondering what to buy next – a new zoom, a fast prime, a flash… consider getting yourself a set of extension tubes. It will change the way you take photographs.



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12 responses to “Getting Closer

  1. Beautiful Photo……

  2. Hi nice shot, I have been thinking about trying my hand at a bit of macro photography, I use a 500d with an 18-55 lens, would I need a different lens?

  3. @Ryan The 18-55mm will work just fine! I have a 500D too and I use it as my “macro camera” because it has Live View and is easier to focus. A prime lens is probably better for macro due to the generally better image quality (the 50mm f/1.8 is a fantastic buy) but you can definitely get great shots out of the kit lens.

  4. The Jagged Man

    I have point and shoots at this time and use the zoom on my PowerSHot S3 as a way to take macro. I know it sound counter intuitive but I can get some decent shots that way.

  5. I managed to get a sub £10 set of tubes to practice with off of Amazon, sure you have to go manual but it’s a great place to start.

  6. Thanks for that, a prime lens is next on my list but it’s good to know I can get stuck in with th 18-55!

  7. @Jagged Man – a lot of the point and shoots have really good macro modes and can focus really close. Coupled with image stabilization they really are quite good.

  8. @ Mr Bunny Chow – I often manually focus anyway when doing macro so you’re not missing much in that regard. I find Live View helps immeasurably, especially when magnified. I find a good tripod helps too if you’re shooting indoors.

  9. @ Ryan – definitely. That 18-55mm isn’t bad at all really, I have the non-IS version that came with my 500D kit and it takes nice pictures. I’ve taken that lens on holiday before now and left the L lenses at home because it’s very light and I knew it would be good enough for what I wanted it for.

  10. sadly I’m currently using an old Canon 10D or film so live view isn’t an option for me, I’m hitting more than I’m missing though, practice practice practice.

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