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Infinity and Beyond



After hearing the sad news about Neil Armstrong it seems rather coincidental that I’d posted about the moon only a few weeks ago. One of the enduring images of that event was, of course, the flag, and I post one of my own in tribute. It may be red, white and blue of a different kind but no less a tip of the hat to a pioneering explorer of another world.

Neil Armstrong

Astronaut, Photographer (source: Reuters)

Apparently¬†the reason why there aren’t many photographs of Armstrong on the surface of the moon is because he was the one behind the camera most of the time. I think a lot of us can relate to that.

Rest in Peace


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Phillip Island: Wish I was there…

phillip island australia

Phillip Island. A great end to a great day.

With the explosion of work I’ve had lately it turns out that storage becomes a problem very quickly when you’re gobbling through 4 and 8 gigabyte cards at a time. And not only is capacity an issue, I now have to plan for long-term storage and reliability. Continue reading


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Lazy Days


Too hot to blog… or do much else for that matter.

We recently got the warm weather back – this time for a sustained period – and it turns out the rising temperatures are not conducive to pulling a chair up to the computer and writing blog posts. Quite honestly I find the hot weather a bit of a drain on my productivity. I seem to spend too much time thinking that this is the year I finally buy an air conditioner and that solar panels aren’t such a silly idea after all.

Anyhow, I have beer in the fridge and a fully belly of Chinese takeaway food. Continuing the lazy theme the only thing I need to decide now is which European disaster I’d like to watch unfold on TV tonight – the debt crisis, Eurovision or Norway vs England…


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Fleeting Foray into Film

kodak ultramax

35mm, ISO 400

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I had in my possession an old film camera. Although, I don’t consider it that old. It’s circa 1999-2002 which doesn’t seem at all long ago, but I suppose when you think about it it’s well over a decade. Turn of the century technology. Crikey.¬† Continue reading


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We didn’t need the umbrellas


Wedding Day

It feels like a long time since I last made a post and the reason is because I’ve been pre-occupied with my friend’s wedding. Well, Saturday was the big day, Continue reading

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Microsoft’s SkyDrive recognises RAW files

skydrive raw files

Preview of a .CR2 Canon RAW file

I’ve been playing around with SkyDrive and Google Drive for the last few days trying to figure out if either are worth the investment as online backup options. It’s all well and good comparing spec sheets and prices, but the proof is in the pudding – you just have to get stuck in and try them out for real. Continue reading

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Shoot, Skywalker!


It’s not often I post links, but I just had to share this one. Continue reading


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