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Canon EOS 650D (Quick Spec Review)

Canon EOS 650D

Canon today announced their latest consumer-oriented digital SLR camera – the EOS 650D. The xxxD series of camera bodies have been traditionally aimed at the beginner photographer and this model is no exception, although an estimated retail price of over £700 might be a bit off-putting for newcomers.  Continue reading



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Adobe Lightroom: RAW Edit 76 (FroKnowsPhoto)

D800 DNG sample

RAW file 76. Well, actually, it’s a DNG file again.

This week’s file is from a D800 – the 36 monsterpixel camera from Nikon. The file is 4912×7360 pixels and weighs in at a whopping 29.6MB. Yikes. I twiddle my thumbs waiting for my measly 12 megapixel files to import so I can’t imagine what waiting for this thing must be like. I suppose good things come to those who wait though… I mean, who needs to bother carrying a zoom lens any more when you can just crop to infinity? Continue reading


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Fleeting Foray into Film

kodak ultramax

35mm, ISO 400

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I had in my possession an old film camera. Although, I don’t consider it that old. It’s circa 1999-2002 which doesn’t seem at all long ago, but I suppose when you think about it it’s well over a decade. Turn of the century technology. Crikey.  Continue reading


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Adobe Lightroom: RAW Edit 75 (FroKnowsPhoto)

raw file 75

RAW file 75

Oh my word. If I was trying to purposefully create an unflattering pose, it would probably look a bit like this. And to make things worse, the perspective is almost voyeuristic. Captain crop to the rescue…  Continue reading


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Adobe Lightroom: RAW Edit 74 (FroKnowsPhoto)

RAW file 74

This weeks RAW file is a portrait of a young lady and is a good example of getting it right “in camera”. In fact, I only moved four sliders to achieve the finished edit.  Continue reading


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Microsoft’s SkyDrive recognises RAW files

skydrive raw files

Preview of a .CR2 Canon RAW file

I’ve been playing around with SkyDrive and Google Drive for the last few days trying to figure out if either are worth the investment as online backup options. It’s all well and good comparing spec sheets and prices, but the proof is in the pudding – you just have to get stuck in and try them out for real. Continue reading

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Mac Virus: Some Practical Advice

mac virus bad apple

Bad apple?

There has been quite a stir in the tech world lately in the wake of an announcement by anti virus company Dr. Web that the OSX/Flashback trojan downloader has recruited over 600,000 unsuspecting Apple computers to the emerging Mac botnet. This has since been confirmed by Kaspersky Labs.

Since Apple computers are extremely popular among creative professionals, I thought it might be helpful to impart some practical advice to any fellow readers and Mac users who might be concerned. So let’s start off by getting the elephant out of the room… Continue reading


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