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After hearing the sad news about Neil Armstrong it seems rather coincidental that I’d posted about the moon only a few weeks ago. One of the enduring images of that event was, of course, the flag, and I post one of my own in tribute. It may be red, white and blue of a different kind but no less a tip of the hat to a pioneering explorer of another world.

Neil Armstrong

Astronaut, Photographer (source: Reuters)

Apparently the reason why there aren’t many photographs of Armstrong on the surface of the moon is because he was the one behind the camera most of the time. I think a lot of us can relate to that.

Rest in Peace

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Book Review: An Inner Silence, The Portraits of Henri Cartier-Bresson

An Inner Silence is a concise collection of portraits from the renowned photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. After a short foreword from Agnes Sire and introduction by Jean-Luc Nancy, you are left alone to peruse nearly 100 photographs at your leisure – and you’ll want to absorb the book in this way.

This is not the sort of collection you should attempt to digest in one sitting. Like an expensive box of chocolates, you wouldn’t necessarily work your way from top to bottom in a linear fashion and neither would you over face yourself just for the sake of finishing. Rushing through either is likely to leave you remorsefully unsatisfied.

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Conservatory Observatory


So last night I was sat in the conservatory reading a book (Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 2010 in 24 Hours in case you were wondering – and yes, I can be that dull) when I noticed the moon was out. It was quite a clear sky which has been something a rarity of late. The weather forecast from a few weeks ago suggesed the jet stream was sitting lower than usual and we’ve been battered by a conveyor belt of dense cloud and rain ever since.

Anyway, I took the photo opportunity like any good photographer would and I was pleasantly surprised with the result. Believe it or not, I didn’t even step outside to take the above picture. In my next post I’ll tell you what equipment I used. For those who have done this before, you won’t learn anything new, but if you’re a beginner you might not have considered pointing your DSLR into the night sky before. It’s easier than you might think.


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Phillip Island: Wish I was there…

phillip island australia

Phillip Island. A great end to a great day.

With the explosion of work I’ve had lately it turns out that storage becomes a problem very quickly when you’re gobbling through 4 and 8 gigabyte cards at a time. And not only is capacity an issue, I now have to plan for long-term storage and reliability. Continue reading


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Canon EOS 650D (Quick Spec Review)

Canon EOS 650D

Canon today announced their latest consumer-oriented digital SLR camera – the EOS 650D. The xxxD series of camera bodies have been traditionally aimed at the beginner photographer and this model is no exception, although an estimated retail price of over £700 might be a bit off-putting for newcomers.  Continue reading


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Just a peek at what I’ve been up to recently.


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Getting Closer

leaf close up

Macro photography

I’m quite sure I’ve mentioned this before and in the future I plan to make quite a detailed post about it, but if you’ve never tried macro photography, you really should.

And it’s not as if it’s an expensive proposition. I recently had to value my equipment for my insurance company and my Kenko extension tubes – the little gadgets that make all my macro shots possible – didn’t even make the list. They just got lumped in with the sub-£100 items. They are, without doubt, the best value addition to my photography gear. I spent more on my polarizing filter I hardly ever use!

So if you’re just getting into photography and are wondering what to buy next – a new zoom, a fast prime, a flash… consider getting yourself a set of extension tubes. It will change the way you take photographs.


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